Actions for the planet and people

I am running for a second term in the parliament. For that, I need your vote.

I am a 38-year-old father of two small children and the first vice chair of the Green Parliamentary Group. I have a Master of Science degree in information studies and a Bachelor of Culture and Arts degree in communications. Previously, I have worked as a deputy mayor of Tampere and as an entrepreneur, among other things.

I want to continue working for a fairer future. Let us work together to create an international and prosperous Finland with clean nature, equal people and safe and easy everyday life. Let us create a Finland where the education is the best in the world and which we leave to our children in a better condition.

A good and productive representative must know the structures of society and how to work in them. A good representative must also be proficient in political advocacy. These are my strengths. I have nearly 20 years of experience in politics. I am familiar with such matters as education and culture, environmental matters, cultural policy, safety, immigration, employment and the development of information society.

Where to find me? Come and meet me! For more information, please see my calendar (in Finnish).

A humane society provides employment and security

  • Improving social and health services to meet people’s needs. Giving everyone the chance to receive help, care and dignified treatment. Securing sufficient services for children and families and dignity in old age.
  • Starting a comprehensive reform of the social security system. Taking steps towards universal basic income, which will make it more sensible to accept work and provides security in changing situations. Expanding the basic income trial to entrepreneurs and selfemployed people.
  • Supporting entrepreneurship and employment by reducing the reporting burden, raising the VAT threshold to 30,000 euros and making hiring easier in small companies.
  • Investing in creative industries and digitalisation. These provide employment, growth and prosperity. Creating ethical rules for the use of technologies and securing people’s digital rights.
  • Ensuring everyone’s equality before the law irrespective of wealth, skills, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender identity or religious beliefs.

A better tomorrow for our children

  • Setting a deadline for fossil fuels. Striving for a carbon-neutral Finland by 2030.
  • Doing uncompromising work for the climate and creating employment at the same time.
  • Putting a stop to the decline in the diversity of Finnish nature. Improving the conservation of old forests and swamps. Growing carbon sinks and stopping clearcutting on government land. Improving water protection and reviving migratory fish stocks.
  • Fixing the mining laws and demanding legislation to guarantee ethical business operations.
  • Implementing an investment package for sustainable traffic and putting Finland on rails, starting with additional rails for the main line from Helsinki to Tampere and beyond.
  • Implementing a sustainable development tax programme: more taxes on pollution, less on work and services. Combating grey economy and dismantling harmful business subsidies. Doing economic policy in the long term and combating poverty.

The best education in the world – for everyone

  • Increasing funding for education, science and research. Ensuring sufficient contact teaching and individual support at schools. Keeping the group sizes at schools and day care centres sufficiently small.
  • Investing in the quality of early childhood education and making our day care centres the best in the world. Expanding preschool education and free early childhood education. Implementing a reform for equal family leave.
  • Making upper secondary education free of charge. Promoting continuous learning, ensuring everyone an opportunity for digital skills and increasing education in environment, science and arts.
  • Supporting culture by expanding the Percent for Art principle and increasing the accessibility and funding of culture. Giving everyone the chance to have a hobby.

Ready to continue working for a fairer future

My first term in the parliament has shown that working towards a fairer future is not easy but it is extremely interesting. Even though politics often appears as antagonistic, solutions are also frequently sought through negotiations and cooperation even across party lines. I find this, in particular, to be one of my strengths.

I also believe that my previous diverse experience – from my position as a deputy mayor in Tampere to immigrant work and entrepreneurship – will continue to be of use in my position as a member of parliament. As a father of two small children and a spouse of an entrepreneur, I am also well acquainted with the everyday life of the busy years and understand the child perspective in decision-making. In our family, my advocacy work goes hand in hand with the lively everyday life with small children.

During this term, I have had the opportunity to work both as the first vice chair of the Green Parliamentary Group and a member of the parliament’s Administration Committee (Committee of Internal Affairs) and the Committee for the Future.  I have also had the opportunity to represent Finland internationally in various tasks, such as the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which oversees the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights, as well as its Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination. I am also the only Finnish member of an international network that aims to prevent violence against women in the member states of the Council of Europe, including Finland.

I am a versatile and experienced general politician. For example, I led the preparation of the Greens’ new political programme which was recently approved. Now, we must turn Finland to a new direction and take these matters to the next government programme! I am ready to do this.

Come join us!

Winning the election requires cooperation. Lots of people have already signed up for my campaign support group. The aim is to create a positive and forward-looking campaign, and I would like your help! I welcome you to join us! If you are interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch! You can also join us in Facebook.

Campaigning is expensive, and we do not have the same resources as old parties. If you want to support my campaign with a micro-donation, you can do it here!

What have I done in the parliament?

If you want to learn more about what I have been doing in the parliament for the past four years, you can check my annual reports in Finnish: