My name is Olli-Poika Parviainen. People usually call me OPP. I am 41 years old and I live in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Our family consists of me, my spouse and our two small children.

Currently I work as the Mayor of Hämeenlinna, a lively city of nearly 70 000 inhabitants. Before my assignment to Hämeenlinna worked as a State Secretary for the Government of Finland and Ministry of the Interior.

My background is in information sciences.

I have a Master of Science (MSc) degree in information sciences and game studies. My master’s thesis was about digital games and their possibilities for successful aging and elderly people. I am also a Bachelor of Culture and Arts (BA). I am currently studying in a doctoral programme in information sciences.

My favourite topics include information society & technology and their societal impacts and possibilities. I see digitalization and i.e. the transformation of work as huge possibilities, even though there are many issues yet to be addressed. I have a comprehensive experience in these matters and I have been working with them extensively in both national and international levels. I have also presented these issues as a speaker in several international venues. If you would like to have me as a speaker, you can contact me via email.

I have also extensive interest and experience in i.e. security and cybersecurity issues and policies and migration.

I am also an experienced negotiator with international experience.

I am a certified board member (CBM) and chairperson (CBC). Recently I held two interesting chairs in finnish companies: I was the COB in Fimlab laboratories ltd. (biggest medical analytics/lab company in Finland) and COB of Tampere Särkänniemi attraction park (One of leading national tourist attractions In Finland). I am open for new board duties.

I worked as a member of the Parliament of Finland from 2015 to 2019. I was a member of committee of administration (internal affairs, national security and public administration structures) and committee for the future (tech analysis, futures research & foresight). I also worked in the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (including it’s committees) and had several other positions in parliamentary level. I had the honor of representing Finland in many international situations and negotiations, especially in the themes regarding my expertise. 

I was nearly 20 years in politics. When I was elected to be Mayor of Hämeenlinna, I resigned from politics and became a non-aligned civil servant.

Before I was elected to parliament, I worked as the elected deputy mayor (one of four vice mayors) of Tampere, responsible for the city’s culture, sports, business administration and education policies from 2nd level up.

Before the city council chose me to be the deputy mayor, I was a member of the city board and held several other municipal positions. I have worked as a freelance entrepreneur and as a part-time IT teacher at a training center for immigrants. I was also an assistant in the parliament for five years.

I like to relax by spending time with my family and friends, or by exercising or cycling. I like stargazing, music, movies and reading and listening A LOT of books (especially nonfiction, science fiction, history and biographies). Occasionally you will spot me at a club or a gig.