My name is Olli-Poika Parviainen. People usually call me OPP. I am 37 years old and I live in Tampere, Finland. Our family consists of me, my spouse and our two small children. I am a member of the parliament of Finland and first vice chairperson of the Greens in the parliament. I am also representing Finland in the parliamentary assembly of Council of Europe.

In the parliament of Finland, I work in the committee of administration (=internal affairs) and committee for the future. Current term is my first in the parliament. Politically I’m active in e.g. topics of human rights, information society, technology, immigration, transportation, education, equality and environment.

I have a Master of Science (MSc) degree in information and game studies. My master’s thesis was about digital games and their possibilities for successful aging and elderly people. I am also a Bachelor of Culture and Arts (BA).

I have been in the politics for 15 years. I am currently on my third term in the Tampere city council where I was first elected in 2008. Before that I was the first vice member of my group. On my election page you can check out my objectives in latest municipal elections in English. I also ran for the finnish parliament in 2011. I received enough votes to be number four in our 18 person greens list, but only one of us got elected to parliament at the time. You can find my themes for the previous parliamentary elections here. My themes in latest (2015) elections can be found below.

Before I was elected to parliament, I was the municipal council chairman of Tampereen Vihreät (Tampere Greens). I was also the elected deputy mayor (one of four vice mayors) of Tampere, responsible for the city’s culture, sports, business administration and education policies from 2nd level up.

Before the city council chose me to be the deputy mayor, I was a member of the city board and held several other municipal positions. I have worked as a freelance entrepreneur and as a part-time IT teacher at a training center for immigrants. I was also an assistant in the parliament for five years.

My career in social activism started when I became a co-founder of the Tampere branch of ViNO (Federation of Green Youth and Students). I was also one of the founders of national ViNO itself, and I served as chair of both organizations. I was also the chair of the Tampere Greens. I have been active in other civic associations as well.

I like to relax by spending time with my family and friends, or by exercising or cycling. I like stargazing, music, movies and reading a lot of books (especially science fiction, history and biographies). Occasionally you will spot me at a club or a gig.

My themes in the latest parliamentary elections (2015)

The main themes of my campaign were employment, education and the environment. I strongly believe that in Finland we should implement a basic income scheme. In case of unemployment, this basic income would cover the necessities of daily life, but would also make it financially worth while to accept even short-term jobs when long-term employment is not available.

In addition to providing a flexible basic income to everyone, we of course need more jobs. I would encourage the creation and expansion of businesses by raising the threshold for value-added tax payments, and by making it easier for businesses to hire their first employee.

We also need to move into the direction of a socially just society. We have to make sure that every one of us is treated equally in the eyes of the law, regardless of factors such as wealth, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or religious views.

I believe that the key to the success of Finnish industries lies in a high standard of education and know-how. By focusing on creative fields and the possibilities provided by an increasingly digital world, we will create jobs that meet the needs of contemporary society. By making public investments in arts and culture, we are laying a foundation for creative Finnish industries.

We must set ambitious goals in combating climate change. In mitigating the effects of climate change, we also have tremendous potential for job growth in the field of cleantech. I believe that the best long term investments are made in renewable sources of energy, not nuclear power.